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Welcome to a realm where visuals come to life and stories unfold through the lens. I specialise in offering a spectrum of video services, with a particular focus on the magic of drone filming. Whatever you are looking for, will make sure you have the highest quality.

Capturing the world from new heights, with  drone filming mastery I bring a unique perspective to your projects. Whether it’s the untamed beauty of nature, the art of storytelling, or the modern lines of urban landscapes, I will weave compelling narratives through the art of aerial cinematography.

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handpicked from a diverse range of offerings.

Nature & Outdoors
Immerse your audience in the untouched beauty of nature. Specially with drone footage I can help you capture landscapes, wildlife, and outdoor experiences, especially highlighting gateway spots and mountain huts with a breathtaking touch.
Every project has a story waiting to be told. Unleash the power of storytelling with cinematic expertise, turning your ideas into captivating narratives.
Urban & Architecture
Showcase the heartbeat of the city or the elegance of architecture from a new perspective. Through urban and architectural drone filming can make sure to elevate your visuals with a touch of modern artistry.
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How can I help you?


I create concepts based on your idea, catering to your needs. My storyboards are constructed to mirror your vision. Each storyboard can be individually created or be a part of a full-scale filming project. We will plan the best way to bring your idea to life.


  • Planning
  • Storyboarding


Filming – whether on the ground or in the sky. Providing aerial videography & photography. Yet, maybe you need more than drone shots! Whatever your project needs during the production phase, I would gladly ensure you get the quality you deserve.


  • Aerial cinematography
  • Filming


The stage when it all comes together … whether it’s a project we are having from start to finish, or you already have footage that you need me to edit: The outcome will be a great captivating video.



  • Editing
  • Colour-grading

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